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Monday, August 03, 2009

London Underground Pub Map

Update (11/08/09): I've just added another 10 or so stations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can view the latest map here.

Being a huge fan of London and pubs, I thought I would take a copy of the London Tube map and replace the stations with the best pubs in the vicinity of each station (ideally within walking distance).

Download the full version (1.7MB)

Unless you know the Underground well, you will need to refer to a real map to work out where everything is.

I've visited many of the pubs on the circle line and within and are ones which I think are some of the better ones. Some stations have more than one good pub nearby, especially in the centre of London so it's hard to pick just one.

As much as I'd like to visit a pub at each station so that I can add it to the map, I don't that's going to happen any time soon. Therefore, I'm looking for all the help I can get in populating the map. If you think you can help by associating some pubs with stations, drop me an e-mail or let me know in the comments.

And if you think some of my choices are poor, let me know. It'll be good to try and work out the best pubs in each area.

Note: whilst working through this project I realised that the map I used is not up-to-date and is missing part of the National Rail line. Rather than transfer all of the changes now, I thought I'd wait until I've populated as many of the stations as possible.


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