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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guinness Deep Sea Bar

In a global first, a lucky Belgian competition winner has traveled into the depths of the black stuff in the first ever Guinness Deep Sea Bar.

Evelyne Gridelet, 30, of Seraing, Belgium, won the incredible trip in the futuristic custom-built Guinness submarine as part of the Guinness Experiences competition, held during the global Guinness 250 celebrations.

Along with her husband, Arnaud Splendore and sister, Virginie Gridelet, Evelyne was flown to Sweden for an unforgettable four-day trip to explore the remote island of Högmarsö in the Stockholm Archipelago. Set against a winter wonderland, the highlight of their adventure, which took place during the last week of January 2010, was travelling to the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the Guinness Deep Sea Bar which was designed and modified exclusively exclusively for the trip, and raising a glass to Arthur Guinness.



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